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P.E. and Wellness

Message from the Director of Physical Education/Wellness

Physical Education is an integral part of the total educational program. Through exposure to a wide variety of activities, students will gain the necessary knowledge to understand the importance of and make educated decisions around opportunities to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Physical activity is a catalyst for learning in all content areas and RRISD is committed to providing programming in physical education which allows frequent and diverse opportunities to engage in physical activities necessary to support a healthy mind and body.

Our mission is to collectively work to ensure all stakeholders will develop and master the knowledge and skills necessary to support and improve their health and well-being now and in the future.

Physical Activity and Physical Education
Physical activity is important for maintaining a health body, enhancing psychological well-being, and preventing premature death and disease. According to the past twenty-five years of research in the fields of Physical Education and Exercise Science, researchers have continuously identified that physical activity and exercise beginning in childhood and continuing throughout adulthood improves ones’ probability for a longer, healthier life. The national standards for physical fitness, exercise, nutritional information and mental health are constantly changing, consequently the Physical Education, Health and Wellness educators continue to evaluate and revise all levels of curriculum to improve our mission for the children of RRISD.

Physical activity and exercise may take on various forms in the Physical Education classes in RRISD. Health Education and Lifetime Wellness are two additional components that blend with our curriculum objectives included in daily lessons and activities. The educators in RRISD teach according to the guidelines established in the TEKS and teachers collectively promote physical fitness and health concepts that apply to the lifelong process of becoming fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Marathon Kids
Marathon Kids is fantastic, free running program in which children in Kindergarten through 5th grade run a quarter of a mile, a half mile or mile at a time over a 5 month period–many children get their parents to run with them! Children keep track of their incremental running on a Marathon Kids Running Log–their goal is to run 26.2 miles between the September Kick Off Celebration and the Final Mile Celebration in February. Physical fitness is an outcome of a lifetime process of physical activity, and Marathon Kids gives every student the opportunity to develop positive fitness habits. The program also goes hand in hand with our Character Education goals–children have to be responsible, honest, self disciplined and show great perseverance and integrity. RunTex has been a title sponsor of this event providing the set up for running as well as water bottles, bumper stickers, t-shirts and medals for Marathon Kids runners. This year they will be joined by Whole Foods, as a nutrition tracking chart for fruits and vegetables will be part of the program.

Jump Rope for Heart
Jump Rope for Heart is a program that has enjoyed 25 years of partnership with the Texas Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (TAHPERD). The American Heart Association provides jump ropes and healthy heart curriculum and activities for all elementary students. Schools can also hold a Jump Rope For Heart event, in which all students participate, demonstrating their jump rope skills, abilities and stunts. Those students who choose may then raise funds for the American Heart Association, who in turn uses those funds for research, education and community service. Those children receive gifts for their fund raising efforts. The American Heart Association and Jump Rope For Heart promote a very healthy lifestyle–having a healthy heart is as easy as 1-2-3: Eat healthy stuff; Move around enough; Live tobacco free!

The Texas Education Agency mandated annual fitness testing of all students grades 3rd-12th beginning in the 2007. Each student will be assessed by the FitnessGram® components which were created by The Cooper Institute and selected by the state of Texas to be used for all students. The three components that are important to overall health and function include: aerobic activity, body composition; and muscular strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Students may be tested anytime during the current school year and it will take place in a PE class for elementary students, while the secondary students may be tested in PE, athletics, dance, drill team, marching band or JROTC. Students not enrolled in those classes will be tested during a pre-determined time set by the campus principal.